Advice to keep you driving safely in winter

During the winter months drivers are more likely to face trickier road conditions. Being aware of the road and understanding how to manage these situations can dramatically improve your ability to stay safe whilst driving during the colder months.

Plan ahead

During the winter, weather conditions can change rapidly. Being aware of potentially adverse weather conditions in advance can allow you to take extra precautions or, if necessary, reschedule your journey. 

Check your tyres regularly

As the only point of contact between your car and the road, checking your tyres regulary is more important than ever, during winter, your tyres become even more vital for driving safely. 

It is important to know what kind of tyres you are driving on.

If you are using summer tyres make sure you switch to winter tyres once the temperature starts regularly dropping below 7C, as they will perform much better in cold conditions. If you are using all-season tyres, it is advisable to have at least 3mm of tread for driving safely in winter. At Autotek Tyres in Bradford, will be able to check your tyres for you and tell you whether or not they are safe. Get in touch with our team now and speak to one of our tyre experts.

Make sure your car is running at its best

When driving during the winter it is worth taking your car in for service to get fully checked over and ready for whatever the roads throw at you.